Sunday, July 5, 2009


As it seems we will be missing five days of classes altogether, it will be your responsibility to complete the exercises on pages 75, 76, 77 and 78 on your own.

Then correct them with the key. (Click on the link)

If there's something you don't understand, of course you can ask me when we resume classes. But we won't be doing all the exercises in class.

Sorry about this but it's the only way we don't fall too much behind with the exam preparation.


  1. Hi everybody! What a surprise! I've just entered Cultura's web page and they have updated it! The old version was awful!! And so is the campus that now is unavailable. I hope that's because it's being updated too... Well, that's it. See ya! And post a comment once in a while... this isn't fun if I'm the only one that post comments...

  2. Hi!i'm trying if i can send a comment or not...let me try!

  3. Yeah!i can!i'm vry happy!in this moment i don't know what to say but this blog is very usfull.(sorry if i make any mistakes).loves, see you next class!

  4. I can't believe Florencia post a comment at 6:41 AM.. At that time, I was immerse "in my seventh dream" :)
    I'm trying to upload the photo so that all the class can have it.. Let's see if I'm capable of doing it.. :)

  5. I've just realised that there's something wrong with the clock of this blog..since I have just posted a comment(two minutes ago) and the time was 13:44. Now it's 13:48. Hope the time gets right

  6. Hey hey!! Finally!! haha. About the clock, it's evident that it hasn't been set to our time... I've just seen the photo! It's unbelievable how many we are!!! haha... Last night I tried to post a video but I couldn't... I guess it wasn't the right format... I will convert it to a permitted format later so I can upload it... Regards!!

  7. Hello!! I am happier than a dog waggin' its tail,I`ve found the blog site and now at this moment I`am registered... :D

    I reckon it is very useful for us because we can improve our communication and we can share ideas with classmates.

    Im working on the review and I am so tired of doing the word-formations of page 91.

    I really like the photo that somebody took last class.

    See you at cultura!!