Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well, remember I promised to open a blog for the class quite a while ago. Well, let's make the most of this recess (which is not a holiday).

Where there's a will, there's a way. Got it?
There are so many things you can do to go on learning and practising English. Let me remind you of a few:
- Do the exercises you haven't done yet in the Student's Resource book (for the units we have already worked with, of course). You can even practise listening comprehension.
- Work with the CD Rom. There are extensive grammar, vocabulary and exam practice activities.
- Browse our virtual classroom. In the categories Sites and Files there are many activities you can already do (listening and grammar practice mainly).

And last but not least, now this blog. I will be publishing everything here from now on. So keep visiting it because there will be some activities that you will have to do here and some that you will have to send me by mail.
I hope you will enjoy working with this new tool.


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  2. Good morning everybody!! How are you? Finally an interactive way to stay in touch! :P Well, I've never used a blog before so I'm finding out right now... hehe By the way, I've read the e-mail alice!! I'm sorry for not sending you the homework yet but I got stuck in one excercise and moved to another subject... I want to send it all together. Well, I hope to hear from my classmates now because I don't know anything about them since the last class (long time ago!)... Regards!!

  3. since last class... I've removed the previous post so I could clear a mistake but that one remained... hehe See ya!