Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Phantom of the Opera

Well, this is a good time to catch up on your reading of the Phantom. Remember you are supposed to have read the introduction and chapters 1, 2 and 3.

The last time we were together we had time to discuss chapter 1 and correct exercise one in the photocopy. Now I would like you to do exercises 2 and 3 and email them to me.

And I would also like you to answer these questions in the comments area below. I don't want you to email this to me, this will be a kind of forum. Each of you will have to contribute your fair share to the class's understanding of the story.
1- Discuss the effect these people had on Christine's early life:
  • Monsieur Daaé
  • Monsier Valérius
  • Madame Valérius
  • Raoul Chagny
2- What does the historian find strange about these things in the story?
  • the rope
  • Christine Daaé's divine voice
  • the ghost at the supper table
3- Discuss the importance to the story of the Angel of Music.

4- What does the phantom look like according to the people who have seen him? (Quote the characters' exact words.)


  1. Hi everyone! I guess I'll be inaugurating this section too... hehe.

    1) Well, as regards to the characters section, my opinion is that follows:

    - Monsieur Daaé was Christine's father and and was her primary influence in what to music concerns at least. We have to remind that she made her first steps in singing thank to her father.

    - Monsieur Valérius discovered Monsieur Daaé and Christine and took them to Gothenburg where he would pay for her education.

    - Madame Valérius was Monsieur Valérius' wife and treated Christine as she were her daughter, so I think she had an important psychological role in Christine's life.

    - Raoul was Christine's first love but they never admited their feelings, and she wouldn't do it at least in the three first chapters... :)

    2) About what the historian finds strange about those elements in the story I can say the following:

    - The Rope: He (or she if you listen to the CD) founds really strange that at first Joseph Buquet was found hanging from the rope and suddenly there was no rope anymore... Who had took it? The girls? He just couldn't believe it...

    - Christine's divine voice: What he founds strange is that her voice remained hidden for so long. Was someone trying to hide her talent? Why did she hide her voice? Why was Christine able to sing in place of La Carlotta just because this last one was sick? These are some questions that the historian wonders.

    - The Ghost at the supper table: It's kind of shocking and confusing this part. I've just read until chapter 3 but I'm looking forward to finish the book. What I didn't get is if it was really the ghost who was sitting there... As far as I know, no one can see the Ghost... But I'm sure the answer will be given ahead. Please, don't spoil me the suspense to those who have read the book entirely hehe, thanks! Well, as regards to the historian thoughts at this time, I assumed he's got the same doubts that I has...

    3) The Angel of Music is important to the story because Christine thinks that the Phantom of the Opera is the Angel of Music. He relates the Angel from his dad's stories to the Ghost.

    4) Most of the people describes the Ghost as Joseph Buquet did: "He is extraordinarily thin and his coat hangs on his skeleton. His eyes are very deep -just two big, black holes. His nasty yellow skin is tightly stretched across his bones, and he has no nose, which is a horrible thing to look at." Some people abreviate this description saying that the Ghost has the face of Death.

    Well, that's all I have to say until now... I would need some feedback to continue. It's actually a shame that we don't take advantage of this tool. It's quite easy to use and it let us stay in touch in this kind of unusual situations. Well, I guess I'll see you all next Wednesday and we'll talk about it... Regards!!

  2. Thanks a lot for your very good contribution. As you can see I'm back and I'll be seeing all of you tomorrow. I hope your classmates read your comments because it will help them understand the story better. I'm glad you're looking forward to reading the rest. Hope your enthusiasm is infectious.