Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Phantom Of The Opera - Nightwish

Hi Everybody!! Sometime ago I tried to upload this video but since it had the wrong format, I couldn't... Then I forgot... hehe. Now, Alice remind me to upload it and here I am! This video contains flashes from the movie and the song is performed by Nightwish, one of my favourite bands. I forgot there was a movie... a recent movie about the phantom of the opera... The actress is the same from "The day after tomorrow" (I don't know if this is the original name but is the translation from the Spanish)... She is very gorgeous! Well, I hope you like it... See ya!


Well, let's see how well you have learned modals for speculation (both in the present and the past).
I would like you to watch this voicethread and leave a comment for each picture. Listen to my instructions carefully. You are not expected to describe but to speculate using modals in the present and in the past.
If you have a mike, record your comment. If you don't, you can type it. The interesting thing about voicethread is that you can record your comments several times until you are happy with your production and decide to save it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

President Obama's address to High School American Students

Well, I haven't posted for so long, but I guess this video deserves a posting.This is the speech that President Obama delivered just a few days ago in a high school in the USA. It's an inspirational message.

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