Thursday, July 2, 2009

A comic relief

Watch this scene from the film The Pink Panther where Inspector Clouseau is trying to acquire a good English pronunciation. It's hilarious.

Have you ever felt like Inspector Clouseau?
Now let's get down to more serious business: how to improve your pronunciation. You are going to watch a video about thought groups. It's a bit long but I have included it because I think it will help you improve your reading aloud. Watch it and do the quiz.


  1. I can't stand Steve Martin... I'm sorry if someone doesn't agree with me but I truly consider him to be the kind of comic actor that is not comic... especially in this movie. I haven't seen it, neither this nor the previous one, and I'm not planning to do it... I think I had enough with the trailer... I hope not to have offended anybody :)

  2. Of course you haven't offended anybody. Actually I very much wonder if people are having a look at this blog. Anyway, have a look at the video about thought groups. As I said, it's longish but quite useful.

  3. I'm wondering the same hehe... Yes, I've already watched it. It's quite interesting.