Monday, August 17, 2009

Where there is a flash, there is my class!! :)


  1. Hi, Alicia!!!! LONG TIME NO SEE!!
    Hope I'm not being such a bother, even if I am conscious of my condition of intruder here. It's just that I hear my brother say he'll be posting in this CULTURA BLOG and I asked, how come? Then he told me about it and I persuaded him of letting me greet u via this blog.
    THE FLU DIDN'T REACH US, thank God!
    I'm doing a course in Translation, 2nd Year at Olga Cossettini, and this week I'm sitting for exams on a daily basis. I also like the idea of interpreting, though, and teaching as well. Time will tell!

    Well, sorry to have popped up here out of the blue! This worked as a nice reminder of my old days, hehe...

  2. Hi Delfina,
    It's just so good to hear from you. I'm glad you managed to persuade Isidro to let you get in contact this way. (So that everybody knows, Delfina is Isidro's sister and she was in my first certificate class about three years ago, am I right?)
    Your English sounds so natural! Congrats!
    Good luck in your exams this week.
    See you around or in cyberspace,

  3. Hi dear all,
    It was such a pleasant surprise to see so much activity going on in the blog. Thanks Isidro for posting the photo and Florencia and José for leaving comments. As for the time, I do remember setting the clock for Buenos Aires time, but then I never checked if it was working well or not. I'll have a look now.
    One more thing, I hope you have all got my mail with the link to our virtual classroom now that it can't be accessed through Cultura's page (for the time being). And I regret to disappoint you José but our virtual classroom will not be 'embellished' since I am the one who is responsible for it (FC B) and it's kind of difficult for a teacher to find the time to prepare the lessons, correct homework, post from time to time in the blog, have an eye in the virtual classroom, get in contact with parents when necessary and many other things when you have several classes (and all for the same price).
    Anyway, I think if you have a closer look at what there is in the virtual classroom, you can find some practice which can be useful in your preparation for the exam.

  4. Hi Alice! Please, don't take it the wrong way! I wasn't talking about the material! I think it's wonderful! I was refering to the format that is the same for all as far as I know but I think I put my foot in it... I'm sorry :)

  5. Hi everybody!How nice we are in the photo!i want it. how can I do for getting it?...sorry if i ahve a mistake!kisses and good luck!!!!
    i'm flor!haha!!!

  6. Hi flor! Just click on it with the right button and save it. See you!