Sunday, September 13, 2009


Well, let's see how well you have learned modals for speculation (both in the present and the past).
I would like you to watch this voicethread and leave a comment for each picture. Listen to my instructions carefully. You are not expected to describe but to speculate using modals in the present and in the past.
If you have a mike, record your comment. If you don't, you can type it. The interesting thing about voicethread is that you can record your comments several times until you are happy with your production and decide to save it.

1 comment:

  1. Teacher, I have to apologise for what I have done! :(
    I've just recorded a comment giving the instructions to make a comment recording ourselves or just typing using this application and I've realised that after you clic on save you can't remove your comment.. I'm sorry, I thought this system was like the one of the entries of the blog that you can remove them, edit them and do whatever you want with them...
    Regarding the exercises, I'll do them soon.